Tenerife – Teide National Park

23 04 2012

This was my big day. I planned to climb to the top of Spain’s highest mountain. If you want to go on the top of the Teide you need a permit which you can get online. But don’t wait to long. When I looked for the permit around 3 weeks before my holiday there were already a lot of slots totally booked out. The permit is for the chosen date and timeslot (2h). Therefore you must make sure that you are there at a specific time. Otherwise you can’t go up to the summit.

First I had to drive thru the National Park up to the place where my track, which should bring me to the top, starts. The drive thru the National Park was beautiful. I really liked to drive on this winding road all the way up to the National Park.

My start point was a small parking spot with a bus stop called Montana Blanca. I parked my car there and started my hike up to the top. Have a look at the GPS-Track of my little hike:

At the beginning it was a really easy walk. It was a very wide road. At some point a car came down the hill with a guy from the National Park Team. Therefore you can imagine how comfortable it was on this way.

But you can guess this was only the beginning of this track. Suddenly the track conditions changed. The track became smaller and smaller and steeper and steeper. I reached one point – I wasn’t sure where I need to go. There was only a little sign which pointed up the hill. From this point it starts to get more and more exhausting. It was steep and the way was that small that it was enough for a single person. At some points it was really hard to stay on the track because you couldn’t see the track clearly. At one point I must have missed a junction because I had to climb over a couple of stones until I found back on the track.

Some time later I reached the “Refugio de Altavista”. This is a small place where you can stay overnight. I had a short rest at this place and enjoyed the awesome view I had from this place. At this point I already hiked from 2342m to ~ 3300m.

After a short chat with a guy I met at this place I went on with my hike because I wasn’t sure how long I will need for the rest to the top and I wouldn’t miss my time slot for the summit.

The rest of the track till the cable car station was okay. The way was good to walk and the only problem was that you had to fight with the thin air. Which made this part a bit more exhausting. On the way to the cable car was a nice spot where you had a awesome view down the hill.

When I reached the cable-car station I had to pass a gate where some guys check your passport and that you have the permit to climb to the summit. From this point it started to get very exhausting. The steepest part of the hike started here. Having such a steep way would be exhausting enough, but steep and the thin air was VERY exhausting. I walk a couple of meters and had the feeling that I need to rest. On the last couple meters of altitude difference I need to pause a couple of time. It wasn’t possible to walk up this part without breaks for me.

Reaching the summit at 3718m rewarded me with an awesome view. I had really luck because the view was very good. I was able to see the complete island. At the north were many clouds. The rest was mostly clear. The view was that good that I was able to see La Gomera and La Palma the neighbor islands.

The Teide is a volcano. Standing at the summit at the corner of the crater you could smell the brimstone. There were a couple of places where hot steam came out of the crater. You can believe me this is such an awesome place. But to be honest it was a very exhausting climb especially with the thin air.

After a small break at the summit I start to climb down to the cable-car. I had the feeling that it was already enough for this day and I decided not to climb down the complete way. I took the cable-car down the hill. I had the luck that the bus drove off exactly at the moment when I reached the bus stop. The next would come 1h later. Therefore I decided to walk the 2.5km along the highway to my parking spot.

Because of the great views at the top of the mountain I have a lot of panorama pictures for you.












And here are a couple of pictures I took on this hike up to the Teide.






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