Tenerife – Teide National Park

23 04 2012

This was my big day. I planned to climb to the top of Spain’s highest mountain. If you want to go on the top of the Teide you need a permit which you can get online. But don’t wait to long. When I looked for the permit around 3 weeks before my holiday there were already a lot of slots totally booked out. The permit is for the chosen date and timeslot (2h). Therefore you must make sure that you are there at a specific time. Otherwise you can’t go up to the summit.

First I had to drive thru the National Park up to the place where my track, which should bring me to the top, starts. The drive thru the National Park was beautiful. I really liked to drive on this winding road all the way up to the National Park.

My start point was a small parking spot with a bus stop called Montana Blanca. I parked my car there and started my hike up to the top. Have a look at the GPS-Track of my little hike:

At the beginning it was a really easy walk. It was a very wide road. At some point a car came down the hill with a guy from the National Park Team. Therefore you can imagine how comfortable it was on this way.

But you can guess this was only the beginning of this track. Suddenly the track conditions changed. The track became smaller and smaller and steeper and steeper. I reached one point – I wasn’t sure where I need to go. There was only a little sign which pointed up the hill. From this point it starts to get more and more exhausting. It was steep and the way was that small that it was enough for a single person. At some points it was really hard to stay on the track because you couldn’t see the track clearly. At one point I must have missed a junction because I had to climb over a couple of stones until I found back on the track.

Some time later I reached the “Refugio de Altavista”. This is a small place where you can stay overnight. I had a short rest at this place and enjoyed the awesome view I had from this place. At this point I already hiked from 2342m to ~ 3300m.

After a short chat with a guy I met at this place I went on with my hike because I wasn’t sure how long I will need for the rest to the top and I wouldn’t miss my time slot for the summit.

The rest of the track till the cable car station was okay. The way was good to walk and the only problem was that you had to fight with the thin air. Which made this part a bit more exhausting. On the way to the cable car was a nice spot where you had a awesome view down the hill.

When I reached the cable-car station I had to pass a gate where some guys check your passport and that you have the permit to climb to the summit. From this point it started to get very exhausting. The steepest part of the hike started here. Having such a steep way would be exhausting enough, but steep and the thin air was VERY exhausting. I walk a couple of meters and had the feeling that I need to rest. On the last couple meters of altitude difference I need to pause a couple of time. It wasn’t possible to walk up this part without breaks for me.

Reaching the summit at 3718m rewarded me with an awesome view. I had really luck because the view was very good. I was able to see the complete island. At the north were many clouds. The rest was mostly clear. The view was that good that I was able to see La Gomera and La Palma the neighbor islands.

The Teide is a volcano. Standing at the summit at the corner of the crater you could smell the brimstone. There were a couple of places where hot steam came out of the crater. You can believe me this is such an awesome place. But to be honest it was a very exhausting climb especially with the thin air.

After a small break at the summit I start to climb down to the cable-car. I had the feeling that it was already enough for this day and I decided not to climb down the complete way. I took the cable-car down the hill. I had the luck that the bus drove off exactly at the moment when I reached the bus stop. The next would come 1h later. Therefore I decided to walk the 2.5km along the highway to my parking spot.

Because of the great views at the top of the mountain I have a lot of panorama pictures for you.












And here are a couple of pictures I took on this hike up to the Teide.




Tenerife – Santa Cruz

21 04 2012

My plan for this Saturday was to drive to the north of Tenerife. I planned to visit Santa Cruz and do a little hike at the north of the island.

I jumped in the car and drove on the TF-1 to Santa Cruz. The first thing you see from Santa Cruz is the industrial area. This area is located close to the ocean.

After passing this area I parked my car and started my walk inside the city. The first place which I really liked was the “Auditorio de Tenerife”. The design of this building was awesome and reminds me of Sydney’s opera house. Very close to the building is something like a little castle. At the waterfront, are a couple of big stones with painted faces of popular people. Some of the drawings looked pretty good.

On my way thru Santa Cruz I came across a couple of nice places. My first stop was the local market. They offered so many products there, unbelievable. On this market (Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa) were a couple of tourists but many local seem to buy their products there. Opposite was the TEA building (Tenerife Espacio de las Artes). A very nice an modern building. The library in side the building looked awesome. I really likes the minimal design there. After crossing the little river I came across a nice church. I walked on a road away from the church to the street were many shops are located. At a couple of side streets, on my way, I found many walls with nice street art. My last stop was the harbor of Santa Cruz which I reached after walking thru the botanical garden. At the harbor were only a couple of boats but I had luck and saw a very big one.

I spent a lot of time walking thru the city. To honest I was really surprised about the size of Santa Cruz. All cities of the canary islands I saw before are much smaller than Santa Cruz. It was already that late that I didn’t had enough time for a hike. Therefore I returned to the hotel.

Have a look at my panorama pictures…




… and the photos inside my album from Santa Cruz



Tenerife – Montana Amarilla & Arguayo

20 04 2012

On my second day with the car I planed to visit Barranco del Infierno. Inside my travel guide is written that this is one of the highlights of Tenerife.

I drove to Adeje which is in the south of the island. The entry of Barranco del Infierno, which is a wildlife sanctuary, is located at the north of Adeje. This area is very steep. I was really happy that I had no oncoming traffic and don’t had to stop at this very steep road.

After I parked my car I walked the last meters to the entry. At the entry was a little ticket box where you normally can buy the ticket for the entry. Today the ticket box was closed. I saw a big sign saying that the track is closed because the risk of falling rocks is to high at the moment. I was very disappointed about this information.

Back at the car, I had to plan something new. Inside my travel guide was another short hike at the west of Tenerife which sounds interesting. My next stop was Arguayo. Inside this little town, close to the football stadium the track for this hike starts. Have a look at my GPS-Track from this little hike if you like.

When you stand at the beginning of the walk you can see two mountains. I followed the track until I reached the top of the left mountain. There I had an awesome view over the complete valley. The weather was good and I had the first time a nice view to La Gomera which is the neighbor island. On the way back I found the entry to the “official” hike which is described inside my travel book. This track will bring you around the right mountain. It’s not easy to find the entry. The track isn’t used very often therefore many parts are accrued by nature.

While hiking on this track I was able to see another part of the valley which was very nice, too. On the way back at the other side of the right mountain I must have left the official path (it wasn’t possible to see the official path). Later I had to climb over some rocks to reach the official path again. After finishing this walk I still had enough time for something else.

I decided to drive back to the south. Costa del Silencio was my next stop. This little holiday town is located near Montana Amarilla. This little mountain is located directly at the coast. It was a short walk up to the top with a nice view. I continued my walk along the coast line and found a place which looks a bit like Paisaje Lunar.

Costa del Silencio is located very close to the airport. I was able to see a couple of aircrafts landing. Near the airport is a little mountain which is colored red. I got some really nice shoots from this little mountain while walking along the coast line. Have a look at my GPS-Track where I walked around in this area.

As you could already see on my GPS-Track I walked a bit to the inland before I walked back to my car.

Can you guess what is coming now? Sure I have some panorama pictures for you.




There is another picture which I want to show to you, here you can see how fast the weather conditions can change at Tenerife. On the Arguayo walk I have taken a picture. 18 minutes later you weren’t able to see the Teide because the weather has changed that fast. Have a look at this picture of the Teide National Park.


And last but not least the picture album with some pictures of both walks.



Tenerife – Hike from Vilaflor to Paisaje Lunar

19 04 2012

Today I collect my little car which should make me a bit more mobile for the next week. I received a little Kia Picanto at the car rental station. It’s really a nice, little car. I didn’t drove a Kia before but this car surprised me very positive.

My first challenge was to find from the rental station to the highway. Compared to Germany the road signs are very rare.

After I found the correct highway I drove directly to Vilaflor. Vilaflor is the highest-located city on Tenerife. It’s a very small town built into the mountains at 1420m above sea-level.

This city was the start point for my first hike at Tenerife. The track I choose should bring me from 1400m up to 1971m above sea-level. The highlight of this hike was Paisaje Lunar which is a white moon scape. It’s a very impressive view to see these mountains formed by nature.

On the hike I came across some old buildings which were also very nice and were a good motive for a picture.

When I reached Paisaje Lunar I thought it’s a good time to take a little rest and enjoy the great view there. I realized very soon that I’m surrounded by a couple of lizards. I had some apples inside my backpack and feed some of the lizards with some apple pieces. The came very close and I was able to take some very nice pictures.

After I returned from the hike I sat down for a moment next to the car. I was able to look very far down the hill. In less than 10 minutes the weather changed completely. The sight was reduced by the fog which reached Vilaflor. I was only able to see a couple of meters. It’s really unbelievable how fast the weather can change at Tenerife. It wasn’t the last time that I had such a weather change while I have been to Tenerife.

Afterwards I drove into the Teide National Park. The sight wasn’t that good and I wasn’t able to view very far. At one point I was still able to see the peak of the Teide which is the highest mountain in Spain (3718m).

Some pictures about the Teide National Park will follow in one of my next posts.

If you are interested in the hike I did, have a look at the following map. This displays the hike I did.

I have taken a little panorama shot on my way back.


And here you can find some of my pictures from the hike.



Skiing at Germany

12 02 2012

Working at client side at Munich has some advantages. You can spend some time at the nice city Munich. But what I really like is how close you are located to the mountains. It’s only a short 1h drive till you can stand in front of huge mountains. At the moment they are completely covered with snow. This is really a nice view you can believe me.

In the last weeks I went to two different areas for a short skiing day. One day I went directly after work to Oberaudorf. The open a couple of days per week for floodlight skiing. The conditions where really good and I really enjoyed the time there expect the temperatures. It was freezing cold at the last lift rides.

Today I spent the day at Brauneck. This ski area is only 60 km away from Munich. It was a beautiful day. The weather was cold (about -18 degrees when I arrived) and sunny. The ski run is nice with some challenging sections.

Have a look at the photos I have taken at both places (only handy pictures, sorry!).



Flying Bentley

8 02 2012

Today in the office we had a great and free entertainment program. We had the possibility to watch some guy doing their job.

Okay watch people doing their work sounds not that great. But we were able to watch some guys, who work for a company, which is responsible for the transportation of heavy loads with helicopters.

What they did was pretty cool. Their job was to fly a Bentley to the top of the neighbour building. Therefore I had a great view and was able to watch the whole action and took a small video which you can watch here if you like.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Flying Bentley, posted with vodpod



Berwang 2011

28 12 2011

Nachdem ich vor einigen Jahren bereits in Berwang war, dachte ich mir es wird Zeit mal wieder dort hinzufahren. Vor allem die Lage macht Berwang sehr attraktiv. Es ist ziemlich nah an der deutsch / österreichischen Grenze gelegen und auch ohne Vignette zu erreichen. Dadurch dass die Anfahrt nicht allzu lange dauert, bin ich dieses Jahr nur für einen Tag nach Österreich gefahren. Leider hatte ich nur mein Handy dabei, daher ist die Qualität der Bilder leider nicht ganz so gut.