Skiing at Germany

12 02 2012

Working at client side at Munich has some advantages. You can spend some time at the nice city Munich. But what I really like is how close you are located to the mountains. It’s only a short 1h drive till you can stand in front of huge mountains. At the moment they are completely covered with snow. This is really a nice view you can believe me.

In the last weeks I went to two different areas for a short skiing day. One day I went directly after work to Oberaudorf. The open a couple of days per week for floodlight skiing. The conditions where really good and I really enjoyed the time there expect the temperatures. It was freezing cold at the last lift rides.

Today I spent the day at Brauneck. This ski area is only 60 km away from Munich. It was a beautiful day. The weather was cold (about -18 degrees when I arrived) and sunny. The ski run is nice with some challenging sections.

Have a look at the photos I have taken at both places (only handy pictures, sorry!).




Flying Bentley

8 02 2012

Today in the office we had a great and free entertainment program. We had the possibility to watch some guy doing their job.

Okay watch people doing their work sounds not that great. But we were able to watch some guys, who work for a company, which is responsible for the transportation of heavy loads with helicopters.

What they did was pretty cool. Their job was to fly a Bentley to the top of the neighbour building. Therefore I had a great view and was able to watch the whole action and took a small video which you can watch here if you like.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Flying Bentley, posted with vodpod