Tenerife – Santa Cruz

21 04 2012

My plan for this Saturday was to drive to the north of Tenerife. I planned to visit Santa Cruz and do a little hike at the north of the island.

I jumped in the car and drove on the TF-1 to Santa Cruz. The first thing you see from Santa Cruz is the industrial area. This area is located close to the ocean.

After passing this area I parked my car and started my walk inside the city. The first place which I really liked was the “Auditorio de Tenerife”. The design of this building was awesome and reminds me of Sydney’s opera house. Very close to the building is something like a little castle. At the waterfront, are a couple of big stones with painted faces of popular people. Some of the drawings looked pretty good.

On my way thru Santa Cruz I came across a couple of nice places. My first stop was the local market. They offered so many products there, unbelievable. On this market (Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa) were a couple of tourists but many local seem to buy their products there. Opposite was the TEA building (Tenerife Espacio de las Artes). A very nice an modern building. The library in side the building looked awesome. I really likes the minimal design there. After crossing the little river I came across a nice church. I walked on a road away from the church to the street were many shops are located. At a couple of side streets, on my way, I found many walls with nice street art. My last stop was the harbor of Santa Cruz which I reached after walking thru the botanical garden. At the harbor were only a couple of boats but I had luck and saw a very big one.

I spent a lot of time walking thru the city. To honest I was really surprised about the size of Santa Cruz. All cities of the canary islands I saw before are much smaller than Santa Cruz. It was already that late that I didn’t had enough time for a hike. Therefore I returned to the hotel.

Have a look at my panorama pictures…




… and the photos inside my album from Santa Cruz